our water

why is basic wateR foR you?

basic wateR was cReated with the human body in mind. when cReating ouR wateR, we made it ouR goal to ensuRe that only the best ingRedients weRe used.  ouR bottles aRe not only 100% Recylceable but also bpa fRee! using the best puRification pRocess made available, we aRe able to cReate an alkaline Rich wateR that not only tastes good, but keeps you hydRated longeR.


benefits of basic wateR

extReme puRification with 9.5ph

basic wateR is puRified to the highest standaRd to ensure a cRisp, clean taste; all while maintaining a ph level of 9.5.

electRolytes to keep youR body going

lets keep it basic electRolytes equal betteR hydRation. by adding the Right electRolytes to ouR wateR, you become a betteR, stRonger, fasteR you.

clean dRinking wateR for the woRld

with the puRchase of any basic wateR product, a poRtion of ouR pRofits aRe donated to wateR.oRg. find out moRe by checking out the basic movement.

ouR Mission

ouR mission is to cReate a high ph wateR that enables you to push youR boundaRies beyond the noRm. With Infused electRolytes, basic wateR is the ideal souRce for keeping you hydRated & aleRt duRing all and any activities.

No tRicks, no gimmicks, just basic wateR.

ouR appRoach

ouR appRoach is basic pun intended. we believe that not all wateR is created equally, and the things you put in youR body diRectly affect the way you feel. by cReating a bottled wateR that is Rich in electRolytes and high in ph, youR body will feel moRe balanced and hydRated. take the basic challenge and staRt enjoying the wateR you dRink!


live a moRe hydRated life

we undeRstand that staying hydRated is not always youR first pRiority, which is why we want to help!

sign up using ouR subscRiption to have basic wateR deliveRed to youR home oR office wheneveR you feel fit. signing up is easy and secuRe, using ouR 3Rd paRty affiliate jet.com. become a paRt of the basic community, and stay hydRated with ouR pRemium bottled wateR!

we aRe as tRansparent as ouR wateR

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